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Monitor Calibration Tool:


You may be able to improve the detail of the images you view on your monitor.    Adjust your monitor so that you see all 11 gray scale changes clearly and distinctly.

Copyright Definition:

A bundle of exclusive rights conferred by a government on the creator of original literary or artistic works such as books, articles, drawings, photographs, musical compositions, recordings, films, and computer programs. International in scope, copyright grants the creator reproduction, derivation, distribution, performance, and display rights. The Berne Convention mandates that the period of copyright protection cover the life of the author plus 50 years. Current U.S. copyright law is based on the Copyright Act of 1976 and its amendments.  We take copyright law seriously.

High School Seniors:

This link will take you to our Senior Photography Information Page.  There you will find your own set of tips and things to consider before the date of your photo shoot.  As with all our photographic clients, we consider your needs top priority, so if you have a question, please call or e-mail me!  High School Senior Information Page













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