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Tips and Package Information for High School Seniors:

What to bring to your photo session

Bring the outfits you feel your best in.  What’s your look? Is it Casual, Western, Contemporary, Sporty, Formal, Punk, or Goth?  Whatever the look, it's yours and deserves to be captured!  Don’t forget to bring everything to complete the look.  Letter sweaters or jackets, trophies, medals, and musical instruments also make nice additions to a Senior Portrait. You can also include your favorite sports gear, maybe a uniform, cheerleading or dance ensemble. Toss in the appropriate props to complete the shot.  If you have your cap & gown, bring ‘em along.  We also welcome well behaved pets!  If you bring your pet, please bring someone along to care for him/her while the rest of your  photos are being done.    Feel free to include your car, motorcycle, horse or other livestock  in the  Let's Go Wild or Way Out There packages.  If you'd like to experience a night time photo shoot, or something using digital composition and special effects, go for the Way Out There package! 




A Mother's Perspective


Dear d.a.,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I (and Sarah) enjoyed her Senior Portrait sessions with you. Being a parent of a senior girl of course I wanted this to be a perfect occasion and you did everything in your power to make it a reality for us.

What I really appreciated was the way that you made sure to include the shots that Sarah wanted and also the shots that her dad and I wanted. By the end of the shoot, Sarah was feeling like a super-model so no wonder the photos came out so wonderful. She was completely at ease!!!

I also wanted to thank you for taking such care when selecting the proofs and giving us such a wonderful selection to choose from, complete with “finish” ideas.

We are very happy with our “senior” photos and would highly recommend you to anyone that is looking at having photos taken.

Your talent as an artist is very apparent!



Sandy Call

Augusta, Kansas



High School Senior Perspectives:


d.a russell is a great photographer to work with. At the shoot i was a little uncomfortable at first, but once we started rolling I just wanted it to go on forever.  d.a has done both senior and modeling shoots for me.  He's really a fun guy to work with; he's laid back, fun, talkative, and just wonderful to work with.  It was like having a friend along. The poses are fun, the photographer is great and I just felt so comfortable. I don't know what else to say other than he was a great guy to work with as well talk to, and I'm happy that the pictures turned out great - I love the way they look!



We had a wonderful senior photo experience with d.a. He had a lot of great ideas and also was very open to us incorporating our own ideas. We laughed and just enjoyed the day greatly. We felt like we had known d.a. for years.

We were so happy with our senior photos and would definitely recommend d.a. to others.

~Melissa and Helaine



Tips and Package Information for High School Seniors:



The "Get Creative" Package!

Allow up to 1.5 hrs for photos in

one Midtown Park or Wichita Location

*Standard Retouch on finished photos

Color, Black & White, or Muted Color proofs

Includes 8 units, wallet units not included


The "Show Your Style" Package!

Allow up to 2 hrs for photos in

one Midtown Park or Wichita Location

*Standard Retouch on finished photos

Color, Black & White, Muted Color or Sepia Tone proofs

Includes 12 units, wallet units not included



The "Let’s Go Wild" Package!

Various Wichita Locations as seasons permit – allow up to 3.5 hrs

Can be split into one "formal" day, and one "casual" day

*Premium Retouch on finished photos

Color, Black & White, Muted Color and Sepia Tone proofs

Includes 18 units, wallet units not included



The "Way Out There" Package!

Various Wichita (and surrounding area) locations - allow up to 5 hrs.

            Can be split into one "formal" day, and one "casual" day

*Premium Retouch on finished photos

Dramatic lighting & digital effects!

This package allows you the most creative freedom

A night time location photo shoot may be done in this package

Includes 1-16x20 wall print, mounted, laminated and ready to frame,

plus 18 units, wallet units not included



Suggested Wichita Midtown Locations

Central, North Riverside or Oak Park

Cow Town – additional fee

Botanica – additional fee

Century II Fountains

Old Town area

Douglas Avenue Statuary Locations

River Walk Area .......     What’s your favorite midtown location?


            What’s a Unit??? 



                               1 - 8x10           or             2 - 5x7's             or            4 - 4x5's                



*Retouch categories


Basic – simple acne removal

Standard – simple acne removal, dark under-eye circles, and stray hairs. 

Premium – simple acne removal, dark under-eye circles, stray hairs, glass glare, and small misc. clothing details on all of your finished prints. 

More severe acne and braces removal requires an additional fee, estimated when you submit your print order.



 Add a Family Portrait for a small additional charge


You may add a family portrait at the time of your photo session. It’s a great idea for Holiday Greetings and Gifts!   We’ll add in an additional 30 minutes for a few shots of you and your immediate family.  Limit 10 people please.  Prints are priced Ala Carte.



Want  a Really BIG Print at a Ridiculously Reduced Rate?

You might be surprised by how easy I can make it



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